Dear Leni…

Wieder mal ein Beitrag aus der Kategorie: Was wäre, wenn ich Mails aus dem Spamfilter ernst nehmen würde…

Bisweilen ist es ganz amüsant, sich vorzustellen, diese im Spamordner gelandeten Mails hätten nicht irgendwelche Maschinen geschrieben sondern Menschen – und sie wären tatsächlich an mich persönlich gerichtet und würden eine reale, vor allem aber persönliche Boschaft enthalten Natürlich weiß ich, dass das Unfug ist. Aber hin und wieder finde ich das witzig. In diesem Fall nicht. Auf die im Bild gezeigte Spam-Mail müsste ich natürlich auf englisch reagieren – hier wäre eine mögliche Antwort…

Dear Leni

Dear Leni,

thanks for your mail I received a few days ago. I am sorry to answer so late – my firewall caught it. But now I saw it.
I feel free to publish your mail in my blog to let everybody know that I am totally pissed about your note, especially your PS.

You mentioned that you spoke to my Mom 5 times and you asked me to give her a call. Okay. My request to you: Can you please forward my Mom’s actual phone number to me? I am sure you tracked it on your phone, right? I would like to call her today on her 78th birthday.

Btw: What did she tell you? How is she? I really would love to hear from you what she told to you.
Is she lucky? We lost contact approx. 17 years ago. Maybe the reason is that my Mom passed away in September 1999 after she lost her hard fight against cancer.

So – just to tell you, Leni: My Mom could not accept it till her last days. She never stopped fighting, never lost hope. But on a sunny September morning she left us forever.
You cannot imagine how much she would have loved to see her both grandchildren growing up.
Its’s our biggest grief, that she weren’t able to see them making their ways. Nor did she come to know that she got a third grandchild later: My nephew.
It’s nearly twenty years ago – but we all still miss her.

Once in a while I am totally thin-skinned. But today is one of those days. So fuck up you asshole.
I ask you never to mention my Mom again, nor write me any of your fucking mails, bloody bitch Leni. You suck.


Happy birthday Mom – wherever you are.

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  1. Yvonne sagt:

    yep….manchmal möchte man das wirklich tun und vor allem möchte man irgend so ein A…… erreichen.

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